What happened when my project got on top of Hacker News

Hacker News - Rank Number 1

This is analysis how much traffic I got from being on front page of hacker news, how it spreaded accross other social media. From which countries people came and what operating system and browser they use. Few days ago, I have noticed, that people are posting about unix timestamp approaching 1.5B. Websites that they have linked were displaying either just current timestamp or time remaining in seconds. So, I was thinking, that this could be opportunity for my website Timestamp Converter Online. So, I put together simple page, which is showing timestamp countdown in more human readable form. I have Read More

Integrating GitHub with PyPi, Travis-CI, ReadTheDocs, and Code Climate

Integrating GitHub with PyPi, Travis-CI, ReadTheDocs, and Code Climate

After change is pushed into GitHub, Travis is used to build and deploy PyPi package. Generated documentation is readable in PyPi, GitHub, and Read The Docs. Results Final results looks like this: GitHub repository with README PyPi package with readable documentation Read the Doc documentation (RTFD) Travis Status Code quality on Code Climate How To Get There Register and create new repository on GitHub. Register on PyPi and Read The Docs (RTFD). Sign up with GitHub account for Travis-CI and Code Climate. Selecting Markup Syntax PyPi requires reStructuredText, RTFD depends on Sphinx which is also using reStructuredText as markup. GitHub Read More

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